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Press Release May 8, 2018

Press Release


Celebration of the World Red Crescent Day, May 8, 2018


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Red Cross Youth and Volunteer Receive Training Course on Disable people in Road Safety

On 30 August 2016, 40 Red Cross youth and volunteer in Siem Reap branch received a 2 - day training on disable people in road safety supported by Light For the World.

The purpose of the training is to disseminate on new traffic law, Disable people value and educate them how to protect violation, rights of disable people and also eliminate all  kind of discrimination on disable people. The training is also a good opportunity for them to join in society and to serve their communities.

Consultation meeting on the 2 year Capacity Building of Branh Progress

Consultation meeting on the 2 year Capacity Building of Branh Progress  2014-2016 held on 26 August 20016 at Kampong Chhnang branch with funding support by Finish Red Cross.

The meeting mainly focussing on strength , gaps  among 28 indicators of Branh Capacity and also review and agree some activities to be done of Branch staff including Youth and Volunters. 24 participants  came from board members, branch staff, Red Cross Youth and Volunteer.

Cambodian Red Cross donate Kathabopha Hospital Foundation

On 20 August 2016, Madam Pum Chantinie, Secretary General of the Cambodian Red Cross, high representative of Samdech Kittiprithbindit Bun Rany HUNSEN, President of the Cambodian Red Cross attended in Charity 2016 "Rendez-Vous Night" to support Kathabopha hospital foundation at that occasion the Cambodian Red Cross donated 10 million riels (2,500USD) to the Foundation.

14 vulnerable people receive micro-loan from Cambodian Red Cross Loeuk Dek sub-branch

Cambodian Red Cross Loeuk Dek sub-branch, on 26 July 2016, provide micro loan of World Mate Project through Cambodian Red Cross to  14 vulnerable people  from Prek Toch and Prek Dach villages, Prek Dach commune in Loeuk Dek district, Kandal Province aimed at increasing their better ​living standard.


It is worth 1,000,000 Riels (250 US$) per family can loan. Each family have to pay back 100,000 Riel per month to Cambodian Red Cross for 10 months without interest.


We would like to inform you that the Micro loan of World Mate Project provide loan to the vulnerable people without discrimination, political or religion.


Japanese Red Cross Youth visit Cambodia

Madam Pum Chantinie Secretary General of the Cambodian Red Cross, on 26 July 2016, met with 15 Japanese Red Cross Youth  led by Madam OIZMI KYOKO Secretary General of  Red Cross Yamashin Kanko branch, at the Cambodian Red Cross National Headquarters.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss on  :

-      First aid experience sharing and  the community resilience building

-      Join tree planting  between Cambodian and Japanese Red Cross youth  

-      Promotion of road safety and distribution of leaflets

-      Visiting medical waste management of CRC Phnom Penh branch

-      Visiting the water evaporation station  and rain fall altitude at Utompor primary school in Kampong Chhnang province  

Movement Brainstorming Meeting on Contingency Planning

Movement Brainstorming Meeting on Contingency Planning​ held on 19 July 2016 at Cambodian Red Cross Headquarter with the participation of Madam Pum Chantinie, Secretary General of the Cambodian Red Cross and partners such as ICRC, IFRC, Swiss Red Cross, Danish Red Cross  Finish Red Cross and two  Red Cross branches, Preah Vihear and Phnom Penh.


The purpose of the meeting was to review strength, weakness, threat and opportunity in the coordination and cooperation of partners and discussion on the Movement and external coordination. Communications, Restoring Family Links, Humanitarian assistance of the needed vulnerable people management health and administration / Logistics. 

Cambodian Red Cross youth plant small tree around pond

On 14 July 2016, a large pond with 40m x 60m and 3m deep in in Kork Dong village, Ek Phnom district, Battambang province donated by Samdech kittipritthbindit Bun rany Hunsen, President of the Cambodian Red cross have been plating small trees around its by 15 Red Cross youth led by Mr. Kang Born, branch Director of the Cambodian Red Cross Battambang branch.

Please noted that last year, during the dry season, the people in this village faced the problem of the water.


Cambodian Red Cross sub branch donate blood

390 people from Sen Sok district, Phnom Penh donated blood, on  14 July 2016, at National Center of Blood Donation including staff of Cambodian Red Cross sub-branch, Red Cross volunteer.

The purpose of donation is to help people from blood shortage such as operation, traffic accident, unnormal delivery etc. and to participate in blood donation campaign under the theme (Share Life, Give blood)

Cambodian Red Cross Phnom Penh branh disseminates First Aid Prevention

A whole morning of dissemination on First Aid Prevention, supported by Japan Red Cross, was conducted on 10 July 2016  at Poe Sen Chey district , Phnom Penh  by First Aid team of Phnom Penh branh with a participation of 68 people from 2 villages of the above district. The topics of the session were burns, broken bones, drowning , insects biking, lightening, choking ..etc.

The purpose of dissemination session was to train adults and children on First Aid how to prevent and take care themselves of incidents which contribute to the implementation of CRC Strategy (2011-2020) with a goal to have one family should have one member know how to carry out First Aid.

Please noted that between June and July 2016 , the branch disseminated Fist Aid Prevention  to a total of 828 children from three primary schools.  

Exercise on Branch organizational Capacity Assessment in Stoeng Treng

Exercise on Branch organizational Capacity Assessment incorporate with Characteristic of well-functioning branch held on 5 July 2016 at Cambodian Red Cross Steng Treng branch office with 42 participants from branch committee members, sub-branches , executive members and Red Cross Youth advisers. 

The exercise are running 2 days starting from 05-06 July 2016. 

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