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RC celebrates the International Day of Volunteers:

The Cambodian Red Cross is working together with the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement to commemorate the International Day of Volunteers under the Theme "Volunteers for Our Community" in municipality-provinces throughout the country which is a testimony of the recognition of an active involvement of volunteers serving the Humanitarian activities. 
On the other hand, on the morning of Wednesday, 5, December 2018, His Excellency YOU LANA, CRC Second deputy Secretary General, presided over the celebration of the International Day of Volunteers with the participation of H.E Pong Yen, president of Kampong Cham branch committee, Mr. Pen Mardy, Vice- President of Branch committee, Branch and sub-branch Officer, Red Cross volunteers and youth from all 10 districts of the province in total of about 210 people. This event was held at the headquarters of CRC Kompong Cham branch. 
International Volunteer Day is the promotion of volunteer involvement in the humanitarian work of the Red Crescent Movement, which has been around for more than 155 years. In fact, CRC has strengthened and expanded nearly 40,000 volunteers who are the indispensable force to give hope and warm smile to the most vulnerable in time and everywhere.

Consultative Workshop on "Context and Risk Analysis in the Cambodian Red Cross

CRC: On Tuesday morning, December 4, 2018, the Cambodian Red Cross organized a consultative workshop on "Context and Risk Analysis" presided over by Lct. Men Neary Sophak, first deputy Secretary-General and Mr. Roman Paramonov Head of ICRC Mission in Cambodia.
The 2-day workshop 4-5 December, 2018 was held at the CRC National Headquarters and facilitated by Ms. Catherine Marie, ICRC technical adviser on Safer Access and Movement Co-operation, and 25 participants from CRC NHQs and 5 participants from the branches.
This workshop is meant to refresh and complement the understanding on the analysis needs for the CRC's work efficiency and the safe operation of CRC operators at all levels.

Youth Debate: “Smart Youth, Smart Preventing HIV”

In order to join the World AIDS Day event, December 1, 2018 under the theme: "We are committing to end AIDS by 2025", Samdechkittipritthbindit Bun Rany HunSen, President of Cambodian Red Cross and the National Champion of the Asia-Pacific Leadership Forum on HIV / AIDS and development in Cambodia (APLF), permitted her APLF team organizing a youth debate on a concept "Smart Youth, Smart Preventing HIV".  There were five student representatives from the National Institute of Business and five other student representatives from the Institute of Cambodian Technology in the debate.

This event was held on the 29th of November 2018, under the presidency of Lok Chhumteav Khuon Sudary, Vice-president of the Cambodian Red Cross. There were totally 200 people attending this event including other leaders of the Red Cross, Red Cross Youth, Red Cross Volunteers, professors, teachers and students from the above two universities.

The above filming program will be aired through the TVK and other local stations on the 1st of December 2018, after National and International news.

Cambodian Red Cross meets with Delegation of Japanese Red Cross

CRC: On the morning of October 30, 2018, Lok Chumteav Men NearySopheak, First Secretary General, took cordial reception with Japanese Red Cross delegation led by Hiroko ONISHI, Director of Disaster Management and Social Welfare Department who came to help  CRC's First aid instructors with financial and technical supports of Japanese Red Cross from 2008 to 2018, and this year is the last year of a 11-year period.


During the meeting, Lok Chumteav, Men NearySopheak conveyed the regards and thanks of Samdech Kittipritb Bun Rany Hun Sen, CRC President, to Japanese Red Cross for First Aid supports and kind attendtion in training the civil servants, armed forces, factory workers and community members.


Lct. Men NearySopheak also highlighted the progress of the Cambodian Red Cross in the 20 years under the leadership of Samdech Kittipritb Bun Rany Hun Sen which was really the contribution of Japanese Red Cross in the development of institutions linked to peace and development Of Cambodia.


Hiroko ONISHI expressed her excitement and enthusiasm that she was able to fulfill the mission in Cambodia, and gained valuable lesson-learns from each other, especially she felt so proud that Japan has contributed to the development of Cambodia.


At the same time, the Japanese Red Cross will continue to cooperate in other fields with the Cambodian Red Cross and hope that the diplomatic relations and the operation of the two peoples and the two countries will be more lasting.



Induction course on News Edition for CRC’s information officers

Cambodian Red Cross (CRC) conducted an induction course on News Edition at the NHQs for information officers from 25 branches in totally 40 participants on Friday, September 28, 2018.

Supplementary to the full-day course during the closing session, Lct. Men NearySopheak, acting Secretary General, pointed out and provided key tips on how to write articles and shoot pictures in a short and precise way that all the participants shall be committed to complying with more effectively to widely promote the CRC humanitarian activities.

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